Traditional Materials and Motifs Crafted into Quality Jewellery NZ Gifts

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Green Glass Double Twist Pendant

The inspiration of NZ Treasure jewellery resellers

New Zealand traditional and contemporary designs in jewellery have long been a popular choice for making a statement. Worn proudly by kiwis and international visitors from all over the world, they are the symbols of a culture that originates here, but can be found all over the world as the accessory of choice for expressing our identities and our love of this place called New Zealand.

Whether New Zealand is your homeland or a place that has captured your heart, you will always feel a special affinity to the shapes and materials that speak of a culture shrouded in myth and mist.

It is the dream of NZ Treasure to bring our jewellery to the world with our online store, so that you can wear a piece of New Zealand close to your heart no matter where your journey takes you.


Traditional materials and motifs crafted into quality NZ gifts

NZ Treasure jewellery pieces are a fusion of contemporary and traditional designs and materials, drawing inspiration from authentic Maori culture and using the same elements our ancestors used for their traditional craftwork and jewellery.

The white whale bone bleached by sun and sea; Pounamu jade ranging from the deep green of the forests to the bright hues of the Kakapo; paua shell and colour infused glass. These iconically New Zealand materials are being embraced by a new generation of designers and wearers of beautiful things.

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Pounamu (Jade) Jewellery

Jewellery resellers looking for crafters of quality New Zealand gifts

Are you a craftsperson who creates jewellery pieces in jade, bone, hardwood, ceramic or glass, and are looking for jewellery resellers for your work? If you believe you can meet our standards for creating a regular supply of quality NZ gifts, then contact NZ Treasure to discuss whether we are a good fit for representing you.

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