Pounamu Manaia Hei Matau (Fish Hook) Pendant - New Zealand Treasure

Pounamu Manaia Hei Matau (Fish Hook) Pendant


Engraved Jade / Greenstone Manaia Hei Matau (Fish Hook) Pendant

Comes in a jewellery box and a card with the Maori meaning of this piece.
Size(mm) :34mm x 60mm

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Hei Matua (Fish Hook)

In Maori mythology, New Zealand was fished up out of the sea by Maui. Used skilfully, the fish hook provides bounty from the sea and represents abundance and plenty, strength and determination. Symbolically it is a device for catching good luck and energy, and is believed to bring peace, prosperity and good health. Wearing the fish hook is said to provide safe travel over water so is considered a good luck charm by travellers, boaties, fishermen and surfers.


The Manaia is a spiritual guardian or a guardian angel, said to ward off danger and protect against intruders. It acts as a provider and protector over the earth, sea and sky.

The Manaia has a bird-like head, symbolising flight of the spirit. Its three fingers are believed to represent birth, life and death; the life cycle of man. Alternatively, they are the Three Baskets of Knowledge; the knowledge mankind needed from the gods to live successfully on earth.

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